I wanted to share with you the joy I have had this season in writing special bespoke requests for handwritten letters of love. Whether they have been wedding vows for first or second anniversaries from one partner to another or a thoughtful wedding gift from loved ones to the happy couple. Each person has come to me with a special request, for something completely unique and handwritten to frame.

As part of my service I offer watercolour illustrations either in the form or a border, as part of a monogram or just a little spray of flowers, either the recipients favourite flower or the flowers from the wedding bouquet. I had a lovely request recently to create an infinity sign from foliage and flowers, it was so unique and beautiful with the couple’s initials in gold ink in each side.

When I started learning to write calligraphy it was to provide a relaxing way to move away from the computer, being a web and graphic designer I was spending so much screen time and even though I love to design using my computer, the ability to walk away and just pick up a calligraphy pen with special ink to make something organically beautiful was a joy and still is.

I am privileged to read such beautiful heartfelt messages, words, poems, readings, wedding vows and so much more. Some times I am reduced to tears especially if there has been a bereavement, I am honoured to be able to take these digital passages that have travelled to me via email and turn them into something that can be framed, or kept safe for years to come, a part of someone’s history, a moment in time that can be handed down to future generations, it is tangible and physical. For all the lucky recipients I hope they bring joy to their day and remind them of how much the thoughtful person who commissioned the piece from me care for and cherish them. I am genuinely moved by their thoughtfulness and feel like a secret fairy who grants the wish of love through a little pen and lots of shimmering gold ink!

If you would like something special made just for you, please feel free to contact me and tell me all about your personal project.

Kind Words from Happy Clients  

“I have received your parcel and I’m in love with it! Thank you so much for your beautiful work.”

“It arrived at lunchtime and is beautiful. The kids will love it thank you”

“I am over the moon with your work, I am really happy. Thank you so much for all your help.”