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Maybe you are working on a new logo or advert and would like illustrations and bespoke calligraphy design. Perhaps you are part of a publishing house and would like a book title written in calligraphy or brush script or painted watercolours. I have a variety of skills that lend themselves to branding and bespoke design, whatever your thoughts or ideas, I can work with you to realise your vision.

I know how hard it can be to create the tiny actions that add up to a very special experience. The hours spent on creating a ‘look and feel’, finding the right words to engage with customers and employees, how to sustain a reputation.

The creative side of building your brand can be such a magical and enjoyable part of the process as you see your brand choices starting to emerge. I love working with my clients in creating different elements of their brand, and I have been extremely fortunate to collaborate on some very different and unusual projects. Each project is completely unique and I love the challenges of starting with a blank canvas and collaborating to create very magical experiences.

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